PSA N2 generators

OVN series nitrogen generators extract available nitrogen from ambient air from other gases using pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology. During the PSA process, compressed and subsequently cleaned ambient air is fed into the CMS molecular sieve, which allows nitrogen to pass through as a product gas while adsorbing other gases. The CMS releases the adsorbed gases to the atmosphere when the outlet valve is closed and the adsorber screen pressure returns to ambient pressure. Subsequently, the adsorption screen will be flushed with nitrogen before the fresh compressed air enters the new production cycle. To guarantee a constant product flow, OVN nitrogen generators use modules of two pressure vessels with CMS, which alternately switch between adsorption and regeneration phases. Under normal operating conditions and with proper maintenance, the PSA generator will have an almost unlimited life.

Advantage for the client

  • cost amortization in less than 2 years, cost of N2 0.2 KW/m3
  • N2 purity 98%- 99.999%
  • The PSA N2 generator is designed to be easily installed in any location, requiring only a compressed air line and a power source
  • independence from liquid nitrogen suppliers and associated logistical problems and ever-increasing costs
  • no dangerous handling and storage of pressure vessels with liquid nitrogen
  • we will make a generator exactly according to your requirements

CERTIFICATION: ISO 9001/2015 and ISO 13485/2016 medical

Characteristics for standard generators

  • operating pressure up to 10 bar
  • operating temperature range 5 to 35 °C
  • ambient air temperature. range up to 45 °C
  • dew points (atmospheric) -60 °C
  • output 1.02 to 94.9 Nm3/h, on order up to 400 tons/day
  • purity up to 99.999%

Models PSA N2 generators standard

  • N2 GEN basic
  • N2 GEN 04
  • N2 GEN 09
  • N2 GEN 16
  • N2 GEN 24
  • N2 GEN 44
  • N2 GEN 62
  • N2 GEN 95
  • N2 GEN 120
  • N2 GEN 170
  • N2 GEN 235
  • N2 GEN 290

Use of PSA N2 generators

  • food industry
  • tire services
  • engineering and metallurgical industry
  • Electrotechnical industry
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • civil aviation
  • energy and petrochemicals
  • laboratory
  • document archiving
  • biogas stations
  • filling pressure bottles
  • shipbuilding industry
  • petrochemical industry
  • gas industry